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Written by on 05/17/2016

Mandeville, LA – Sin Is Easy. Pursuing the Truth Is Hard. – The Veritas Radio Network’s very FIRST live event is tomorrow at Twin Smoke Shoppe in Philadelphia: Mike is taking his show on the road! Come and join us!! Did you know that today is “international day against homophobia and transphobia”, according to Google?? When is there going to be an international day against heterophobia? Mike details the history of the VRN and his current status as a broadcaster. He is a Roman Catholic first, and a broadcaster second.

Mike continues with a history lesson and provides perspective on our inordered Constitution and inordered, sick society. Q: If a geographic area (land mass) has no human nature, can it act with other humans? A: No; it cannot! It doesn’t have the human nature necessary to act. What is a state, then? It must be some entity that can, by its nature, act politically. Obviously, a state is people; citizens make a state. Geographic boundaries, names, flags, and mottos do not make a state. It is simple! Why not get back to being Christian rather than attempting to get back to being “Constitutional”? There is only one force on Earth and in this Universe that can straighten this mess out. It is NOT the Constitution. Mike shares his piece: “The More Voices That Start To Sound The Truth, The More The Truth Will Grow Sound“.

Professor D.Q. McInerny joins Mike for a conversation on pursuit of the common good vs. pursuit of the individual good. Somehow we are supposed to approve of the confusion of the lgBtq crowd. We find the Federal government now backing this irrational point of view. This is error. People are concocting rights; it is absolute irrationality. The natural law should be the foundation for civil law. Gentlemen, you have your marching orders.  Start with Philosophia Perennis.


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