Mike Church Show 052016 Seg 1-2-The Assault Against Our “Bigotry” Against Pedophiles Begins

Written by on 05/20/2016

Mandeville, LA – Mike continues his road tour in Virginia.  How deep and shocking has the degradation and desensitizing become?  Here’s a headline, from the Washington Times– Charlotte Observer: Girls Must Overcome ‘Discomfort’ of Seeing ‘Male Genitalia’ in Locker Rooms.  A North Carolina newspaper editorial tells girls that they must “overcome discomfort” in seeing “male genitalia”, should the edict on transgender bathrooms be enacted.   We’re not thinking this through; why NOT go trans-species?  We can’t be limited to living in human bodies!?!  The world has gone stark raving mad.  Anyone who tries to stand up to this is immediately denounced as a bigot.  This is exactly how the horrors of the French Revolution got underway.  There is no “overcoming discomfort” so that our 9 year old daughters have to be exposed to an aroused 14-year-old male’s private parts; this is perversion, not overcoming equality!  These people are sick.  Women are just going to have to get used to the idea that their private parts are going to be seen by the rest of the planet.  We’re just going to have to get over the discomfort of knowing that our children are being raped and diddled by adults.  Anyone that thinks that this is NOT something that will escalate is not paying attention.

Mike reads from an article on Salon.com: “I’m Not A Monster”; a pedophile is ‘out’, but writes about how he has fantasized about how he has abused a child.  He’s taken a job because he had fallen “in love” with a five-year-old.  It’s not that bad; you’ll get used to it!   You’ll just have to get used to the fact that these forty-something year old men will be shagging it up with your five-year-old daughters.  You people that are in denial: you’d better listen up and pay attention.  Mike shares the piece he wrote yesterday:

“Hate you? No Mr. Nickerson, Catholics must NOT hate you, quite the opposite in fact, but your mortally sinful fantasies, and give “open” status, actions, are erroneous and will not be tolerated under any circumstances.”

Mike details a story of an autistic teenage girl who has “transitioned to male”.  Debbie Schlussel calls in and talks about what’s showing at the Paradise Theater this week.

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