Mike Church Show 052016 Seg 3-4, Pervert Promoters Tell Parents To “Get Over” Their Girls Being Exposed To Naked Boys

Written by on 05/20/2016

Mandeville, LA –  If anyone would have told you a year (even just two months!) ago that there would be leading editorial outlets that would actually publish garbage, inaccuracies, and scandal, would you have believed them?  It seems like lately, the inmates are running the asylum.  If they cannot conform their mind to the reality that their duty and moral obligation is to protect little girls from male body part exposure, why are we calling them “elites”?  Why are they making decisions??  We aren’t talking about the people that are selling the newspapers; we’re referring to the people that are writing and editing the newspapers!  Mike reads the headline once again: Charlotte Observer: Girls Must Overcome ‘Discomfort’ of Seeing ‘Male Genitalia’ in Locker Rooms.

Mr. Church plays a dramatic rendition of Patrick Henry’s speech on 5 June 1788.  This is not political debate; it is prophesy!  Was Patrick Henry correct??  YES.  Did you ever think that Tylenol (aspirin?!) would become a company that would become a company that would be engaged in trans-sexual and homosexual promotion?  Well, they have become that company.  Mike again discusses the story of the autistic teenage girl who ‘transitioned to male’.   Secession is the only way out of this; a withdrawal of consent must occur.  If you dissent, you are an enemy of the people.

Mike takes Free Phone Friday phone calls.  In the final segment, amateur historian Jim Joyce shares his insight and knowledge on The Real Story of Stonewall Jackson & the Battle of Chancellorsville.

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