Mike Church Show 052416 Seg 1-2-Congratulations Patriots, Welcome To Disgendered Totilataristan aka ‘Muricah

Written by on 05/24/2016

Mandeville, LA – The American Imperial Presidency & Totalitarian Kitsch. – The inmates continue running the asylum, and there is no end in sight. Who is to blame for the rise of Trumpzilla? Perhaps it is the people who have wished for an imperial presidency for quite a long time now. This is the logical end result to the maniacal obsession with militarism. Mike reads the title from a piece written in 2012: “Is Totalitarian Liberalism A Mutant Form of Christianity?” Yes– if you don’t see the problem with having a Christian teaching that is unitary, your reparation will continue the schisms. As long as the schisms continue, we are separated from the natural eternal law. For those of you who know a Trump supporter, Mike asks a question: is your friend relying more on the ascendancy of Trump to fix this mess, or do they rely more on the King of Kings to fix it? Most of the Trump supporters we know believe that Dictator-Commander-In-Chief-King-President Trump will make the repair. We need to conform our mind to reality: there is no longer any legitimate force in Washington, DC that is worthy of our allegiance. Mike reads from Rod Dreher, offering his comments. Folks, forced compliance is coming; this is a broad-faced assault on gender and the natural law. We must resist the totalitarian kitsch. First comes white martyrdom; the martyrdom that follows is nastier and more violent. It never comes as evil; it comes in the form of a birthday gift, in the form of hope, in the form of change.

Caller Chris in Wisconsin weighs in. The LGBTQ agenda is a grave threat to the natural order, and those who tell you that it shouldn’t be “made a big deal” are wrong. To allow them to push their agenda and “do whatever they want to in their bedrooms” produces perverts in bathroom stalls beside 12-year-old girls. We must understand reality: the LGBTQ crowd wants our unconditional surrender. Mike asks again: what is to blame for the rise of Trumpzilla?


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