Mike Church Show 052516 Seg 1-2: ‘Muricans Have Been Conquered By Mammon, and Even The Conservative Heroes Can’t Save Us

Written by on 05/25/2016

Mandeville, LA – We have to accept that white and red martyrdom is coming!  Mike shares his reasons for not coming into the studio on the Friday before Memorial Day.  Go ahead and get outta here, you Olive-Gardenians and Regal-Cinema-attendees.  Mike provides info on “The Times That Try Men’s Souls”, playing on Memorial Day.  Don’t miss it!

Did you hear about the cowardice in the alleged conservative heroes of Oklahoma??  They mailed it in.  They said “no, I do not have the courage of my convictions.”  They couldn’t bring themselves to vote against Obama’s transgender edict.  Additionally, governor Mary Fallin did NOT sign the bill that would make it a felony for a doctor to perform an abortion.  If the alleged conservatives can’t and won’t fix this– can’t and won’t defend children and the soon-to-be-born!– what makes you think that the rest of those in the Republican ranks will fix it?  There is NO political salvation around the corner.  There’s more faith and hope put into in the ‘Murican political system than there is faith and hope that is put into our Lord.  Mike reads from Paul Craig Roberts, “Americans: A Conquered People: The New Serfs”.   We are a conquered people.  Who’s conquered us?  Mammon.  There is a vast difference in being politically conquered and being spiritually conquered.  Joe in Missouri phones in about supposed ‘deregulation’ in Wall Street.

Guest Joseph Pearce of the St. Austin Review joins Mike on the Dude Maker Hotline.  Your monthly dose of Pearce is necessary for good health!  The discussion covers St. Robert Southwell’s poetry, King Henry VIII, secularist tyranny, and revolution.  History is something we can use to inspire us into action, now and in the future.  The conversation then moves to Pearce’s current piece in The Imaginative Conservative: “Top Ten Books for My Desert Island”.



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