Mike Church Show 060116 Seg 3-4-Truman Could Have Tested The Bomb On a Japanese Forest and Mortified The Japanese Into Surrenduring

Written by on 06/01/2016

Mandeville, LA – A continuation of the previous segment with new guest, our Latinist and CRUSADE All-Star Ryan Grant. Ryan’s scholarship of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki plus the English and American bombing in Germany at war’s end is impeccable and never before heard on “mainstream media”. You do NOT want to miss this Episode of the Mike Church Show! Episode IV features our bi-weekly conversation with Our Man in Mordor Jordan Bloom as we cover the latest sensational Trump story and claim against the media AND the bounty program set up to gather the illegal dirt needed to put Gawker out of the Judgement Pornosphere™ business.

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