Mike Church Show 060216 Seg 3-4: The Rejection Of The Natural Order Will Ultimately Lead To A Complete Loss Of Freedom Of Religion

Written by on 06/02/2016

Mandeville, LA – There is no privacy anymore; social media has made everything public and free for the government to see!  Mike shares a laugh: “going to All Of Garden”.  Returning to the story of the man who claims he is a puppy, the point is this: we are dealing with a departure from the natural order.  We’re moving back toward paganism!  Trump and Mrs. Clinton do not matter; they are but symptoms of the problem.  Bestiality, pederasty, bigamy…all will become legal.  This is a sickness and it should be treated as such.  If we don’t treat it as sickness, we are endangering people’s eternal immortal souls!  Mike describes a vision of what Hell might be like.

Suzanne Sherman, host of The Suzanne Option, calls in to discuss her upcoming show today.  Reading from Daniel Larison at AmConMag (“Trump Beats Clinton the Way He Beat Bush”), Mike reiterates: there is no difference in the political parties if our metric is the end result.

Reading from The Federalist (“The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct”), Mike shares Rachel Lu’s point: absurd ideas die eventually.  In the meantime, we should not care if we’re seen as “stodgy moralists”.  History is going to judge us violently.  We–especially us gentlemen–need to start doing something about it.


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