Mike Church Show 060816 Seg 3-4: Socialism Is Ending And There Is Nothing Bernie Sanders Can Do About It

Written by on 06/08/2016

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson comes into the studio for Wisdom Wednesday.

Guest James R. Otteson (author of The End of Socialism) discusses the tenets of his book. What is socialism? What is ideology? What is capitalism? Is it all about providing material goods to people? No. That would completely disregard the soul. Freedom enables us to have a life of our own; it gives humans dignity and a chance to view themselves as a precious and unique creature. What really is the final purpose of socialism? The more any society wants to become socialist, the more it will impede prosperity and progress.

Wisdom Wednesday continues. Topics briefly mentioned are Elon Musk’s claim that we’re all inside a video game, “gender theology” in Washington state schools, and Russell Moore. The discussion moves to a piece from The Catholic Thing, Begging for Our Freedom.

There is a diabolical plan that was implemented; the ultimate purpose of the plan is to end all attachment to nature. Why? Because if we sever the attachment to nature, we sever the attachment to the Creator of nature. Have you conformed your mind to the reality that we will soon have two choices? Either you will be an apostate or you’ll take a position against this.


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