Mike Church Show 060916 Seg 3-4: A Return To Order Will Help Us Keep Hope Alive in ‘Muricah Today

Written by on 06/09/2016

Mandeville, LA – Michael Brendan Dougherty’s recent commentary on Clinton and Trump is discussed.   It is illogical to be told that we “can’t complain” if we don’t vote. Mike explains why. We’re supposed to intervene when we have a an alcoholic or drug addict in our families; why don’t we intervene when a family member or friend wants to go to Washington DC for vacation?! Pantheist? God is OVER everywhere; God is NOT everywhere. Dougherty’s message echoes Mike’s sentiment: don’t be afraid to be a non-voter.

John Horvat, author of Return to Order, joins the show. We are out of order! We have lost the notion of order! We deny that there actually IS an order. We are currently in the throes of a spiritual battle. What we’re seeing now is the attack on the internal structures of identity, sexuality, and logic. Distributism and an economic order are discussed. We have one type of cheese and 400 flavors of political parties. Fundamental principles are non-negotiable.  The Vendée, St. Benedict, Millenials, and the family are covered. We can’t outsource the functions of a mother or a father! Material acquisition of wealth has been elevated to the top of our list.  What little things can you do to make a TRUE return to order possible?

Mike returns to Michael Brendan Dougherty’s column. Do Bernie Sanders supporters now support secession? Susanne Sherman, host of The Suzanne Option, calls into the show.


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