Mike Church Show – Seg 1-2 042116 – lgBtqRSTLNE’s Gaystapo Claims Curt Schilling

Written by on 04/21/2016

Mandeville, LA – The ridiculous and embarrassing saga of witnessing ‘Muricans whether entertainers or big business or political, fall over themselves to accommodate the 42 year old male perverts who want to gain legal protection for their perversions by micturating in the bathrooms of little girls and attractive women, continues with ESPN firing all-star MLB pitcher Curt Schilling. The KingDude points out the logical fallacy of the Pervert-Promoters/Fornicators 101. Segment 1 is featured as a today’s Mike Church Show FREE Preview.

The all-time Veritas Radio Network simultaneous listening record is broken at 09:04 a.m. today! Vita te Veritas!

Segment 2 – The same subject continues with phone callers

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