Mike Church Show – Segment 2 04182016 – How’s Taxation WITH Representation Workin’ Out?

Written by on 04/19/2016

Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s Note: The presentation of the daily Mike Church Show has now been consolidated into two, 90 minute long segments per broadcast day. Founders Pass members who are logged in will notice there is a built in playlist that appears on each day’s posts that has an accompanying RSS feed and is updated chronologically as we add files. This should make the Mike Church Show content much easier to locate and enjoy plus share with friends and family. – Site Admin]

Segment 3 – A continuation of segment 2’s discussion including audio from Congressman Ron Paul and and video posted to Facebook by Ryan Moran demonstrating the destructive power of the IRS code as Moran forks over$170,000 in back taxes.

Segment 4 – Mike finally gets around to discussing the insanity of our obsession with the car and the fleet we must maintain at enormous expense. Mike then segues into a review of what the car cult has cost us in lives, quality time and the now pandemic of helplessness when it comes to caring for ourselves outside of mechanized transportation of food and supplies that didn’t exist a mere 50-70 years ago.

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