Mike Church Show Segments 3-4

Written by on 05/16/2016

Mandeville, LA – Where Is Our Positive Statement of What WE Want A Legal System To Do? – There is no shortage of quote- Conservative -close-quote news on your Facebook page.  Where is all the news that actually matters?  The audio from John Smeaton’s talk is played where it was last left off, with Mike’s pertinent and insightful comments.  We can’t wait for guidance to come from the top-down, Body of Christ; it MUST begin with YOU and I.  Headline: The Commander In Chief Is Not the Head of the Citizenry.  ‘Muricah’s militarism’s M.O. is the killing of non-combatants in undeclared wars.  Our young men– and daughters, too– are being trained to be desensitized to killing.  Why aren’t we aware of how militarized we’ve become?  Caller John from Canada gives his perspective on the pro-life movement.  Do not tell your friend it is okay to ogle naked women, to surf the internet for porn, to tell dirty jokes.  These are the errors of everyday life today.  Mike reads from Anne Catherine Emmerich.  A Seattle university group of students are in a sit-in until an administrator resigns.  These students think they run the faculty.  The Benham brothers speak of chaos; it is truly anarchy!  The inmates are running the asylum.  There are two choices for society: Catholicism or chaos.  We either accept and obey the ONE teaching, or we defy it.




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