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Mike Church Show- The MAP’s Mouse Casts A Groomer As A “SuperHero” And Kills Marvel In One Stroke

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Mike Church Show- The MAP’s Mouse Casts A Groomer As A “SuperHero” And Kills Marvel In One Stroke


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  HEADLINE: Disney Hires Top Drag Queen for Its New Superhero Show by Jackson Elliott

  • The show isn’t the only one that explores gender identity.
  • Disney has a company pledge to make 50 percent of its onscreen characters sexual and racial minorities.  
  • In 2020, Coulee won RuPaul’s Drag Race in a competition where he hit other competitors with his prosthetic breast. Other drag queens watched the final stages of the competition from behind a glory hole.








HEADLINE: Don’t Tolerate People Who Hate You by Tim Young 

  • The people who are forcing the huge cultural shifts on our society are people you would disregard in person.
  • You’ve all seen one of these young people. 
  • We have one at the local Dollar General and Piggly Wiggly.
  • She is tattooed up from head to toe, all the piercings, all the different color in their hair and the bull ring thing in their noses.
  • How does this happen?
  • I know someone personally that has come back to the faith but he, in his younger years had MANY tattoos and now he won’t go out in public w/o long sleeves b/c he doesn’t want to scandalize others.
  • QUESTION: How many of you have been to a coffee shop like Tim Young is describing here?
  • QUESTION: What does their outward appearance tell you about their soul?
  • QUESTION: What is the purpose of art?
  TKD – Flyer for Disney+ Shows

Disney – a Minor Attracted Corporation 

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  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Mazie HironoFighting the pro-life movement is literally a call to arms in the country.

  • Why isn’t she being listed by the FBI?
  • This is a ‘pick up your guns’ speech. 
  • This is advocating violence against other Americans.
  • She is a disgrace to the people of Hawaii. 

HEADLINE: Gabbard Rebukes Hirono for ‘Fomenting Religious Bigotry’ Against Catholic Nominee by Alex Griswold 

  • What do these people want from you when they say things like this?
  • They want you to act like the redneck with a gun and get violent.
  • We must not get violent but we must up the prayers for them.
  • They don’t expect anyone to rosary up, they expect us the ARM up.
1h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi on abortionThere are those in the Rep party that think life begins at the candlelight dinner the night before.

  • She thinks she is being ‘cute’ with this little quip but she is actually true in a way.
  • If you are in that number, then the candlelight dinner is in-fact great for ‘setting the mood’ for the act.
  • Campaigning against MAP Minor Attracted Persons is a winner.
  • #MinorAttractedCorporation = Disney
  New Lingo For the Day

Agricola = Farmer

Christicola = Someone that brings souls to Christ

1h44m AUDIO/VIDEO: Senator Ron Paul to Dr FauciPlays audio/video of Fauci from (2004) saying if you’ve had the flu you don’t need the flu shot. The most potent vaccination is natural immunity.

  • Dr Fauci tries to claim Reuters ‘fact-checked’ this audio.
  • TKD plays audio from the C-SPAN show for the FULL audio and knowledge/context of why the woman was calling.
  • SARS = Severe acute respiratory syndrome
  • Remember when Dr Fauci got into Rand Paul w/ ‘well I’m a doctor’ and Rand explained he is too and has actually PRACTICED in the recent years.
  • ILI = Influenza Like Illness 
  HEADLINE: The Kharkov Game-Changer by Pepe Escobar 
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2h29m Special Guest CJ Doyle 

Men’s March for Life 

Cardinal O’Malley is opposing this Men’s March for Life

October 15th – this is the 4th such march.

  • The Pilot the oldest Catholic Paper in Boston. 
  • The Knights of Columbus are now pulling out b/c of the Cardinal’s stance.
  • Canon 19 – 
  • At 11:30 am on the 15th, the participants will gather at the Planned Parenthood abortuary at 1055 Commonwealth Avenue in Allston. At 12:30 pm, they will commence their march to the Massachusetts State House. At 2 pm, the Rally For Personhood will begin in front of the State House on Beacon Street in Boston. 
  • Obviously, the suggestion that Catholic institutions are somehow incapable of supporting two different pro-life events—three months apart—is an example of the casual, callous and adolescent level of mendacity which Catholics have come to expect from their ecclesiastical leaders.


BACK to Pepe Escobar 

  • The are treating this like a SMO or Special Military Operation not a WAR.
  • Yet for the collective West, whose carcass slouches inside a vast simulacra bubble, it’s the pysops that matters much more than a minor military advance: thus all that gloating on Ukraine being able to drive the Russians out of the whole of Kharkov in only four days – while they had 6 months to liberate Donbass, and didn’t.  
  • Kharkov was preciously timed – as General Winter is around the corner; the Ukraine issue was already suffering from public opinion fatigue; and the propaganda machine needed a boost to turbo-lubricate the multi-billion dollar weaponizing rat line. 
  • Yet Kharkov may have forced Moscow’s hand to increase the pain dial. That came via a few well-placed Mr. Kinzhals leaving the Black Sea and the Caspian to present their business cards to the largest thermal power plants in northeast and central Ukraine (most of the energy infrastructure is in the southeast).
  HEADLINE: Cheer Up! The World Is Ending by Rod Dreher 

  • The preoccupation so many conservative Christians have with MAGA and election fraud is a total distraction, as is the preoccupation of normie bourgeois Christians with trying to winsomely rationalize their way into blessing race, sex, and gender radicalism, so as not to lose their status in the late imperial order. What is headed our way is far, far too serious. We cannot wait for our spiritual leaders to act. Take initiative yourself. Father Kolakovic is speaking to us all today. 
  • You are going to need the virtue of TEMPERANCE. 
  • Not conspiracy-theorizing, but based on practical realities, having to do with inflation and energy. The national security state and the World Economic Forum types will exploit this crisis — and we have to be prepared for them. More than that, even, we have to be prepared to care for our families and our local communities. Over and over, that’s the message: go local, now. Not tomorrow — right now.
  • I emphasized the need to be ready to suffer. That’s never going to be popular with a crowd, but I am absolutely convinced that it’s true.
  Brother Francis – Talk on Virtues and Ethics

  • Prudence the right time to do it.
  • Fortitude 
  • Justice
  • Temperance
  • The highest plane in which they operate 
  The Happy Headlines Segment 

HEADLINE: ‘It’s Worth It’: Colorado Dad Carries Disabled Son on His Back While Traveling Across the US by Anna Mason 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Arizona Gov Kari Lake on immigrationI actually don’t agree w/ flying the immigrants further inland my plan is different. We will invoke Article 1 Section 10. 

  • Kari Lake is 100% CORRECT!
  • THat is exactly how border states should handle this.
  • Article 1 Section 10 – 
  • This is, Constitutionally speaking the way it should be done. 
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