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Written by on 11/22/2017

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Mandeville, LA – The Beauty of Still finding Beauty in Modern ‘Muricah aka The Truth Is OUT There – Gerald Russello reviews James Matthew Wilson’s The Vision of The Soul, a new book that challenges DeceptiCONS and other fake conservatives to work toward making the term “conservative” actually mean something again. This is a task I have been working at for almost a decade and Wilson’s book gives me some new hope in the project.

The House of Representin’ Actually Debates Our War Crimes In Yemen…. And It’s Gone – For all of 40 minutes, humanity, civility and even a little humility got its nose under the tent that is the House of Representin’! The topic!? The “civil war” in Yemen of which our USA! USA! munitions, intelligence and special-ops participate. But don’t worry, DeceptiCONS, the windfall driven war-machine will continue its savage grift of ‘Murican taxpayers and “brown people” in Yemen will continue to die in horrifying numbers because….squirrel!!

Give Thanks To Old Dishonest Abe For Giving Us “Thanksgiving”!? – Jayme Metzgar heaps praise upon the scion of true liberty, Ol’ Dishonest Abe Lincoln, for urging the ‘Muircans of 1863, 1864 to “give thanks” and thus giving us the first real Thanksgivings we are about to enjoy. Metzgar’s praise of Lincoln is also a praise of the disorder created by the secular “nation” ‘Muricah was created as, then there’s this.

“Perhaps most noteworthy is the clear religious tone of the Thanksgiving proclamations. Lincoln did not call for vague, general gratitude of the sort we find in modern Hallmark cards. Rather, he called for “thanksgiving and praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the heavens,” and even more strongly in 1864, “thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God, the beneficent Creator and Ruler of the Universe.”

This is unvarnished, Christ defying idolatry, so common at the time and now taken as a universal boon. But how can this religiosity and love of God have come from the man who was orchestrating the systemic subjugation of a nation, the Confederacy, at the end of a Gatling gun? Lincoln and his radical Republicans greed for exploiting the resources of the South and its people resulted in Total War theory, 843,000 dead and the birth of the totalitarian state we toil under today.

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