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Written by on 01/08/2018

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Mandeville, LA – Analogies can easily be multiplied, if one wants to push a thesis; but the point is that the greatest threat to world peace and international justice is the nation state gone bad, claiming an absolute power, deciding questions and making “laws” beyond its competence.

The world divorced from the God who created and redeemed it inevitably comes to a bad end.

Few there are, however, who would venture to ask if there might be a better way for humanity to organize itself for the sake of the common good. Few, that is, beyond a prophetic voice like that of Dorothy Day, speaking acerbically about “Holy Mother the State,” or the ecclesiastical voice that calls the world, from generation to generation, to live at peace in the kingdom of God.

God sustains the world, in good times and in bad. Catholics, along with many others, believe that only one person has overcome and rescued history: Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of the Virgin Mary, savior of the world and head of his body, the church. Those who gather at his cross and by his empty tomb, no matter their nationality, are on the right side of history. Those who lie about him and persecute or harass his followers in any age might imagine they are bringing something new to history, but they inevitably end up ringing the changes on the old human story of sin and oppression. There is nothing “progressive” about sin, even when it is promoted as “enlightened.”

Hello, I’m From The Trump Administration And I’m Here To Help – I talked about this on the first show of 2018: President Trump has delivered on some of what he said he would including the omnipotently important protection of innocent life. He has also followed through on taking a meat cleaver to the EPA’s war against coal and most recently announced plans to expand offshore oil exploration in every major waterway including the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic Ocean. Ryan Girdusky points out that Trump has also been taking federal regulations to the paper shredder at a pace never before seen. But before you start doing the wave around the break room table understand that the $4.5 TRILLION headed hydra that is the federal beast is set to expand under Trump and the MIC’s growth is frightening.

The world divorced from the God who created and redeemed it inevitably comes to a bad end. It’s on the wrong side of the only history that finally matters. The Synod on the New Evangelization is taking place in Rome this month because entire societies, especially in the West, have placed themselves on the wrong side of history. [Emphasis mine – MC] – Cardinal Francis George

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