US Public School Enrollment Dips As Virus Disrupts Education Via AP News: Fearful of sending her two children back to school as the coronavirus pandemic raged in Mississippi, Angela Atkins decided to give virtual learning a chance this fall. Almost immediately, it was a struggle. Their district in Lafayette County didn’t offer live instruction to […]

Study: Students Falling Behind In Math During Pandemic Via AP News: A disproportionately large number of poor and minority students were not in schools for assessments this fall, complicating efforts to measure the pandemic’s effects on some of the most vulnerable students, a not-for-profit company that administers standardized testing said Tuesday. Overall, NWEA’s fall assessments […]

NYC public schools will begin to reopen with weekly COVID-19 testing Via Reuters: New York City’s public schools will begin to reopen for in-person learning on Dec. 7, starting with elementary schools for students whose parents agree to a weekly testing regimen for the novel coronavirus, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sunday. The schools, […]

Jerry Falwell Jr Future At Liberty College In Doubt Amidst Scandal Via AP News: Jerry Falwell Jr.’s future at evangelical Liberty University amid a sex scandal was uncertain Monday, after the school said he had offered his resignation but then reversed course. Falwell agreed to “resign immediately as President of Liberty University today but then […]

Georgia Student Suspended After Posting Picture Of Crowed Hallway Via A viral photo showing students in a Georgia high school crowded in hallways and with few visible masks resulted in the sophomore who posted it being suspended, she said. Hannah Watters, a student at North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia, saw a photo […]

If Schools Don’t Reopen, POTUS Wants Education Funds To Go To Parents Via President Trump has been advocating for schools to reopen after many students were stuck at home for months amid the coronavirus crisis. And now he’s calling for $105 billion of education funding to be included in Congress’s next coronavirus-related legislative package.”To encourage schools to make in-person classes available this fall, the President is […]

The Farmer’s Must Read List as a Guide to Self Sufficiency The “Have-More” Plan  by Ed Robinson Storey Publishing, LLC; Later Printing edition (January 6, 1973) This classic guide to homesteading is based on solid, practical techniques that remain useful to everyone who wants to learn country skills and increase their self-sufficiency. By turns philosophical […]

Winchester, VA – Swedish freelance journalist Peter Imanuelson reports that on Friday, a Home Education Bill petitioned by the Labour Party passed the second stage in the House of Lords. This bill will severely restrict homeschooling in the United Kingdom. An article ran in the Telegraph on Friday which explained that homeschooling in the UK is […]

Winchester, VA – Today we open on the education front with a story sent by a listener. The College Fix is reporting that Utah Valley University is, like other colleges, implementing policies disciplining students for expressing unpopular opinions. The deans office circulated a letter to all faculty, entitled, “Recognizing and Responding to Students of Concern.” While […]

Winchester, VA – Colleges and Universities nationwide are commencing their fall semesters and as Maribeth Harper will tell you, it is a time of great anxiety for mothers as they consider the academic challenges and social pressures their children will face in the collegiate environment. Maribeth Harper is a member of the organization Praying College Moms, […]

Winchester, VA – Todd Starnes is reporting that John Handley High School in Winchester, Virginia has sent a letter to parents announcing that the selection of students for advanced placement and honors courses will from now on be based in part on race. The letter states, “Through our collective work, advanced classes such as AP and […]

Winchester, VA – CNN reports that concerns about race being an issue in regards to college acceptance are growing. For example, although the majority of Harvard’s incoming freshman class identifies as non-white, they are being sued for anti-Asian discrimination. One man spoke to CNN about the drastic measures he took to assure acceptance into medical school. […]

Winchester, VA – The student body of Youngstown State University is circulating a petition seeking to close the on-campus Chick-Fil-A and replace it with another fast-food establishment. They claim that because the Chick-Fil-A is the only place to get meals in the evenings, the on-campus experience of gays and lesbians is negatively impacted. Emmett Ray, the […]

Winchester, VA – Universities are increasingly suspending and firing people for their activities on social media. Two instances of this crossed the News Desk this week. First, the Miami Herald reports that a 21 year old University of Central Florida student named Nick Lutz was suspended after he posted on Twitter an emotional four page letter […]

Winchester, VA – Campus Reform reports that last year’s Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s Annual Report on U.S. Attitudes towards Socialism revealed that 53% of Americans below the age of 35 are disillusioned with capitalism and are receptive to the idea of a socialist United States of America. 45% of young Americans in the same poll […]

Winchester, VA – Reuters reported yesterday that Otto Warmbier, the University of Virginia student who was returned from North Korea on “humanitarian grounds” last week died in a Cincinnati Hospital yesterday. Doctors had said that Warmbier was in a state of unresponsive wakefulness, unable to see, hear, or respond to any stimulus around him. North Korea […]

Winchester, VA – And lastly in Celestial Musings, there is a college course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison entitled “Class, State, and Ideology: An Introduction to Social Science in the Marxist Tradition,” but what it really should be entitled is, “Indoctrination Into Marxism”. The professor, Erik Olin Wright, a man whose curls could rival Bob Ross […]

Winchester, VA – In this Celestial Musings, we answer the question: Is it worse to be considered anti-feminist or anti-transgender? The Blaze reports that Connecticut high school freshman Andraya Yearwood won the girls 100 Meter and 200 Meter dashes at the state championships. At issue? Yearwood is really a boy identifying as a girl, and as […]

Winchester, VA – The Daily Caller is reporting on the firing of Nicholas Dean, principal of the Cresent Leadership Academy, a school for at risk, mostly poor students that no other schools will accept. Two years ago his work with these children, many minorities, was laudable enough to earn him public praise from NPR, but now […]

Winchester, VA – Todd Starnes reports that Manhattan public school parents were shocked and horrified when their children’s talent show, with children as young as 5 present, turned into the setting of what the New York Daily News called, “A full-on, erotic drag show complete with gyrations, tongue gymmastics and a flashed G-string.” Public School 96 […]

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