The Atlantic Has Gone All In on #NeverTrump & #Hail Satan

Written by on 02/19/2020

The Atlantic Has Gone All In on #NeverTrump & #Hail Satan

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake!?– No. Just No. #NeverTrump author David Brooks never really had it all together so I can’t say he’s lost his mind but this 20k word screed on “finding new ways to live together” is an abominable hoax.  Here’s Brooks’ intro, see if it make sense to you.

If you want to summarize the changes in family structure over the past century, the truest thing to say is this: We’ve made life freer for individuals and more unstable for families. We’ve made life better for adults but worse for children. We’ve moved from big, interconnected, and extended families, which helped protect the most vulnerable people in society from the shocks of life, to smaller, detached nuclear families (a married couple and their children), which give the most privileged people in society room to maximize their talents and expand their options. The shift from bigger and interconnected extended families to smaller and detached nuclear families ultimately led to a familial system that liberates the rich and ravages the working-class and the poor.

Brooks then combines fake anthropology – he says Russians lived in giant clans 34,000 years ago – with warped pop psychology to arrive at the following conclusion. Yet more #NeverTrump nonsense.

The two-parent family, meanwhile, is not about to go extinct. For many people, especially those with financial and social resources, it is a great way to live and raise children. But a new and more communal ethos is emerging, one that is consistent with 21st-century reality and 21st-century values. – [emphasis mine-MC]

So God’s Creation of Man and wife isn’t up to 21st century snuff, huh David, so Man must now invent new ways to act all family-y!? In this issue of the Atlantic, the President is declared aa filthy, treasonous “cheater…tyrant….dictator” and witches are feted as all the great rage. Typical #NeverTrump modernism.

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