These people really should be waiting on a comet fly by to end it all, seriously 

Written by on 11/08/2019

These people really should be waiting on a comet fly by to end it all, seriously 

Article by Mike Church

If you ever go to England and then venture a bit north into Scotland one of the things you’ll notice while driving through the countryside is lots of white, bushy looking things dotting the lush green landscape. Those are called sheep and in Scotland there are 3 million people but 8 million sheep; my point being the planet and the UK are “sustaining” many millions more livestock animals then humans so if you want to cut mammal gas emissions to save the planet, shouldn’t you want to see MORE mutton eaten!? Keep that in mind and put down your breakfast before reading this story about woke Londoners serving, planet saving, “worm and bug burgers”! Remember the 2013 film “Snowpierecer”? Remember what happened when the STARVING people on the Ice Train found out they were eat “bug burgers”? Here, jog your memory.

So the train erupted in riots over the bug burgers but these woke, self poisoning, God-hating wackos in London want you to eat bugs to stop the “planet riot”. Someone should ask Ronald McBugald here what makes him think bugs are sustainable? I wish these tards which just sign the petition to start the genocide to save the planet and be done with it. Guilt tripping people into eating bugs is a sick form of masochism and disgusting too – re-watch the video above and see if you could choke down a bug-brick!

These people should really be hiring astronomers to find themselves an incoming comet that can “rapture” them on fly by and when it fails, do what comet hoppers do.

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  1. Aaron B   On   11/10/2019 at 3:57 PM

    Environmentalists act as if humans are a scourge on the Great Mother and that we should grovel in the dirt just to eat. God created man to have dominion over all of the earth – to subdue it, not bow down and worship it. This is all a continuing push from a Satanic perspective meant to devalue man and, ultimately, the person of Jesus Christ.

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