When They’re Done Burning Chaucer Books In NJ, Here Comes Soylent Green

Written by on 09/20/2019

When They’re Done Burning Chaucer Books In NJ, Here Comes Soylent Green

The #woke #SJW plague has now spread into high schools in NJ where “literature” teachers are boasting and bragging about the “white privilege” books they are throwing away to make room for the kids REAL enlightenment literature. This may seem like nothing to see here but Rod Dreher dug into “teacher” Barnett’s very public social media to find she’s not alone in the fake curriculum of “equity literature”. Seriously, it has begun…

You can Mike Church’s monologue on this from this episode of The Mike Church Show, here.

If you want to know what in Hades “Equity Literacy Framework” is, take your intellectual life into your own hands and check out their manifesto site, styled appropriately in black and Nazi red. Here’s a sampling.

Equity literacy is a framework for cultivating the knowledge and skills that enable us to be a threat to the existence of inequity in our spheres of influence. More than cultural competence or diversity awareness, equity literacy prepares us to see even subtle ways in which access and opportunity are distributed unfairly across race, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, language, and other factors.

Wow, did you know that you, whitey, were “unfairly distributing access” to lesbians and mentally deranged transvestites by not allowing them access to your kids via, of, say, “drag-queen story time”

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