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Two Synods one in the Vatican and one in Ireland

  • Vatican synod is a follow-up of the 2014 debacle.

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HEADLINE: Our Fat Pets by Susan Jenks

  • We have to be the most pampered, imbecilic population of human beings in the history of human beings.
  • Fat Pet Thursday #FurBabies
  • The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention – the fact that we even have this association should make us all angry.
  • What to do about the fat pet – FAT BLOCKING DRUGS – that’s right, we are so star-spangled awesome our pets now need to be medicated.
  • Mike’s story about the Vet Clinic next door.
  • We now have diet and exercise regimes for out PETS.
  • This is simply ridiculous, we have way too much time on our hands.

HEADLINE: The St Bernard: the making of an Alpine legend

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HEADLINE: What the Ice Cream Truck Teaches Us About America by Addison Del Mastro

  • Keeping alive something that could have died a long time ago.
  • Our Ice Cream lady Mrs. K doesn’t play new top 40 music, she even plays the old Pop Goes the Weasel song and others like that.
  • She plays music like this – Ice Cream Truck Music

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HEADLINE: Distributism vs. Free Market Globalism by Joseph Pearce

  • distributism as a derivative of the principle of subsidiarity
  • Libertarians – economics is not something that is measured in GDP. It is measured inside the home.
  • SIDE-BAR – Mrs. Youngblood has given up her smartphone and went to a flip phone
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HEADLINE: What a Catholic Economy Looks Like by John Horvat II

  • We monetize our own children now. 
  • These wealth-generating social structures can be found everywhere in Catholic society. 



Back to the Headline: What a Catholic Economy Looks Like

  • Children are volunteering their parents to be euthanized.
  • That is why I use the adjective Catholic to describe the ideal economy we need. When the Catholic element is expunged, the heart and soul of economy will also be gone and we will be left with the terrifying ledger of a world without God.

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HEADLINE: New Atheists’ Views Of Murder Prove Jordan Peterson Is Right About Where Atheism Leads by Esther O’Reilly

  • The existence of EVIL demonstrates the existence of its opposite….GOOD.
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On the Death Penalty –

  • Gospel John chapter 19 verse 6

HEADLINE: Pope Francis declares death penalty inadmissible in all cases from BBC News

 Special Guest Christopher Ferrara

  • This is just another example of a situation, the crisis gets worse as the days go on.
  • This is an outright contradiction of the Magisterium.
  • The Magisterium cannot replace itself.
  • This simply cannot be valid.
  • Pope Francis has exceeded his authority.
  • The death penalty has long been considered to be correct if the person has gone to trial and has been convicted based on their crimes.
  • What is this nonsense of “awareness”?
  • Have all the previous Popes NOT been aware?
  • HEADLINE: Can the Church Ban Capital Punishment? by Christopher Ferrara
  • The very credibility is at stake here!
  • He is arbitrarily attempting to change things “he” personally doesn’t like.
  • Footnote 527 –
  • We have a liberal Pope that thinks he can change Church teachings.
  • The resolution of this crisis will be big and it will be bold and it will have to be divine.
  • I truly don’t think we can change this or correct this.
  • The Pope himself appears to spearhead and overthrow the teachings of the Church in several different areas.

Stump Ferrara Segment –

Special Guest Rick Barrett host of The Barrett Brief doing a rundown of what’s coming up next!

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