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Mandeville, LA – What Could Top The Trumpzilla Campaign? How About A Change And hOprah Campaign? – The secular Satan-worshipping left is soooo butt-hurt from the nearly 3 year long smackdown Donald Trump has meted out to it it is publicly throwing a Staubach to Pearson (the inappropriately named Haily Mary pass): “Trump was a TV sensation with a brand and cult all his own, wait, WE HAVE a TV superstar with an obnoxious brand and mentally challenged cult too: Oprah worshippers! What a GREAT candidate idea this is! Need to solve homelessness AND lose fifty pounds!? President Oprah has the plan for only $69.99 per month – hey, that’s a better deal than the IRS will give you!” Ross Douthat tries to take President Winfrey seriously but I think he just reinforces the hero-worship, Osteenian cult, ‘Muricans wallow in.

We Have Nothing Everything To Fear Including Except Fear Itself – ‘Muricah has reached the point of peak fear. A condition easily seen by looking for the pathological fear of something that nearly everyone has (this is just another good reason to pray for imperturbability!). Peter van Buren thinks these fears are illogical and irrational, and he’s right.

Now there is a fear for everyone. We’re afraid Trump will start a war with North Korea (Kim is the sane one). We’re also afraid he won’t start a war and they’ll get us first (Kim is the crazy one). We’re afraid Trump is a Russian spy slipped into the White House (end of democracy) and we’re afraid the Democrats are using Mueller to overturn a legitimate election (end of democracy)… Elect more women or women’s rights are finished. If we do elect more women (or POC, LGBTQ, etc.) the rest of us are finished.” [emphasis mine-MC]

Van Burne’s conclusion is that one of these fears will ultimately result in physical action being demanded and then being taken in the form of decisively suppressing the cause of one of these anxieties.

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