Canon 212 Dot Com

I never thought that having my mug show up at the top of a website would cause such commotion but that’s exactly what my endorsement of canon 212 dot com did! We’ve lost colleagues and had soon to be colleagues jump the CRUSADE ship because of CANON 212 dot come and you know what I say to that!?

“They must be doing something really well!

And that something is giving you Catholic Church news that doesn’t pass through a lukewarm-ninny filter and most of it you’d never find on your own because CANON 2-12 is the ABC Wide Wide World of sports for Catholicism!

Plus CANON 2-12 is one of the few media outlets openly friendly to The CRUSADE Channel. You will even newsbreaking moments and personalities from the CRUSADE Channel, making headlines at CANON 2-12 dot com.

Canon 2-12 dot com, started in 2016 – and is updated twice per day with new, provocative content. Canon 2-12 dot com keeps a keen eye on Papa Francis and his pro alta vendita apologists.

You have a lot of choices in Catholic news-media these days and there’s a lot of bad ones, so cut through the chaff and get to the real Wheat of The Faith. Wheat that delivers the Truth, erryday: Canon 2-12 dot com. Visit them every day and tell ‘em, Mike Church sent ya.

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