The shadow-banning and censorship we have experienced has severely limited our ability to market The CRUSADE Channel and promote the Truth.
And that’s where you come in, CRUSADER.

here's how it works

  • 1. Enter your friends’ email address.
  • 2. We send them a link to 2 offers to join The CRUSADE Channel as a member.
  • 3. They get to start listening to The CRUSADE Channel giving you the chance to follow up and be their "big brother", show 'em around, recommend some shows and ask 'em to check out the Chatroom!

Our right to publicly honor, love and serve God as well as our First Amendment rights are the cornerstones of ’Murican civilization.  Freedom of religion, speech and freedom of the press are essential rights.  They give us stability and to publicly work at holiness.  They give us Truth. They give us unity.

As ‘Muricans, we each have a solemn duty to stand up for these rights and we must join together to ensure that no one takes these rights away. 

Mike Church

Founder of The CRUSADE Channel