Artificial Intelligentsia vs. Primal Sense

Mandeville, LA – Author, Podcaster and Actress Janine Turner –Northern Exposure, Cliffhanger – rejoins the Mike Church Show after a 5 year break. Janine’s new podcast God on The Go, her books, current return to acting and Philosophia Perennis are discussed and then there’s a popquiz question from Janine: “Mike, you’re a Catholic?” The query […]

Mandeville, LA -Listening to the “conservative” echo-chamber, you’d think that making ‘Muricah’s public schools more closely resemble Stalag 13 is a one-size fits all solution to “school violence” anywhere in the universe, because inserting more guns is always a good idea (yeah, just look what it’s done for Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria….)! Mike also interviews […]

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