Chick Fil’A

Chick Fil-A, Corporate ‘Muricah & Never Ending Cowardice  Straightaway in this CRUSADE Channel Exclusive Rule for Retrogrades-EPISODE 3.  Without delay Tim and David Gordon discuss the cowardice of the “Christian” fast food company known as Chick Fil-A. After almost three generations of radical popular culture, the fallow ground is now fertile for the cultivation—the re-flowering—of […]

The Republic of Texas  Today we cover many topics in the brief.  First, Buffalo spreading libelous and slanderous lies about Chick Fil’A.  Second, a rapper shot in an act of senseless violence. Third,  Unplanned is a fantastic film. Also addition classes are bound to exist but the economy does not necessitate them and the world famous “You […]

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