Connecticut To Issue $100 Fines To Enforce Face Mask Mandate As other states see pushback against the draconian COVID19 measures, Connecticut doubles down on the muzzling of their citizens. Via Newsweek: As Connecticut sees a recent spike in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, with a positivity rate remaining above 1 percent for the past week, Gov. […]

Don’t Get in the Way of The Deep State PsyOp! They’ll Take Your Kids! The Deep State Does Not Want You Exposing Their Works of Darkness Millie Weaver, a correspondent for Infowars, was arrested on Friday for alleged burglary and domestic violence charges.  She was taken in front of her children with no paperwork, no […]

Meghan Markle And The True Face Of Feminism Here is what is happening today in the Brief. Meghan Markle demonstrates the true face of feminism. Second, What The AP Thinks You Should Know. Third, we go across the interwebs. Equally important unanswered questions about the deadly plane crash in Iran. Likewise U.S. Army Alert: You […]

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