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Crusade Channel Meme Of The Day – David Hogg Resignation Letter Credit To: @MundayMusings   Our Readers And Listeners Keep Us In Print & On The Air! Click here to subscribe to The CRUSADE Channel’s Founders Pass Member Service & Gain 24/7 Access to Our Premium, New Talk Radio Service. www.crusadechannel.com/go What Is The Crusade […]

David Hogg quits project to launch left-leaning MyPillow rival Via Just The News: David Hogg has announced that he will no longer be involved in an effort to launch a pillow business that will donate money to progressive causes. The company is meant to compete with MyPillow, whose CEO Mike Lindell has been an outspoken supporter of […]

The Barrett Brief – Team Trump Stumbles On Day One, Who Cares?  Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First Team Trump Stumbles On Day One, Who Cares?   na[qtplaces mapid=”” template=”1″ open=”1″ limit=”” mapheight=”500″ mapheightmobile=”” autozoom=”1″ streetview=”1″ getdirections=”Open in Google Maps” mapcolor=”normal” listimages=”1″ showfilters=”1″ posttype=”” taxonomy=”” terms=”” debug=”0″ mousewheel=”0″ buttoncolor=”” buttonbackground=”” listbackground=”” markercolor=””] […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike celebrates the 26th Anniversary of the launch of the Mike Church Show on April 21st, 1992! Mike wastes no time diving right in to the continuing outrage of the #FakeNews – chemical weapon attack in Douma, Syria – has been proven to be. After 26 years of laying his opinions and […]

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