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Mandeville, La – Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Wacasey. Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines Please upgrade from basic monthly or basic yearly to Brother monthly or yearly! Please help keep our radio station alive. We also have Founding Father and Crusader levels. 7:37 7:43 7:49 7:53 8:07 8:21   Special Guest: Dr. Kevin Wacasey The Big […]

Mandeville, LA – Why must DeceptiCONS use the word “war” so often? (uhhhh, because they like war) Now we’re hearing non-stop Decepti-babble over President Trump’s “Trade WAR” and the horrors it will bring to the unemployed. Mike reminds listeners that the “Free” part of “free trade” hardly ever works out for the benefit of the […]

Mandeville, LA – Yesterday, 14 “Catholic” U.S. Senators voted against the Pain Capable Infant Protection Act helping it to fail in by a 51-46 vote. Mike analyzes the catastrophic failure of ‘Murica’s prelates to reprimand these apostates and the consequences in tens of millions of lost souls. With special guests Dr Wacasey of Healthcareonomics.com and […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church interviews Dr. Wacasey on what to expect if Trump repeals the Affordable Care Act. “Repeal, repeal and then repeal; there is NO replace in repeal!” You’ll also learn just what to look for in choosing a health insurance plan and what not to ever, ever, ever, never, ever buy. You […]

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