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Friday Medley-Education Is For Souls, Not All Mexicans Are Bad, The Rosary Doctor Talks Saint Joseph & Why The CRUSADE Must Succeed

Mandeville, LA - CRUSADE Newsdesk's Celeste Youngblood joins the Mike Church Show LIVE! in studio to mark the first "CRUSADE Studios", in-house, LIVE morning show and what a show it was. Mike covers a medley of topics including Mexican immigrants we should NOT hate/demonize (no that doesn't mean there aren't borders or immigrant laws). You want want to miss Mike's interview with The Rosary Doctor Brian Kiczek on Saint Joseph […]


The Mike Church Show

Despite Talk Radio’s Best Efforts, The Russkies Still Don’t Hate Us

Mandeville, LA - The CRUSADE Channel's European correspondent, Iben Thranholm, checks in 2 days after the Russian elections which she chronicled, LIVE from Moscow and reports "...they don't know why...they just don't understand why the Americans hate them so because the Russians don't hate them". This is the 'Murican propaganda machine's at their best including the war-machine's echo chamber: Talk radio. The KingDude also explains why the frustration of modern […]

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