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For Shame – Iowa Demoncrats Want Fertile Cornfields Turned Into Woke, Socialist Famine Binge Listen! Catch Up on Previous Episodes of The Mike Church Show, Click Here! DON’T MISS! 5 Minute Mysteries, New Every Thursday, Exclusively On The CRUSADE Channel! Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:03am cst Welcome to the Mike Church Show on […]

Mandeville, La Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:19 Welcome to the Mike Church Show on Call the show 844-5CRUSADE 6:24 HEADLINE: The Anti-Semitic Mass-Murder Attack in Pittsburgh by Andrew C. McCarthy McCarthy points out this is NOT a Federal case. This was committed in Pittsburg and against the people of Pittsburg. This should […]

Mandeville, La – Before you start losing the remaining sanity you have over Ant’ny Kennedy’s “retirement” and the 6 ring, social media circus, his successor’s confirmation hearing will produce, Mike explains why putting any energy or time into the politics of the GOP, Congress and the SCOTUS is folly.Hugh Owen of the Kolbe Center makes his […]

Mandeville, La – If  you look up “things you’re not supposed to say to __________ insert minority status, safe space seeker” here, the title to this show is in the top 5, of the kicked out of fake Catholic “society”, list, but it needs to be said with Charity and backed up with prayers and […]

Mandeville, La – The Incorporation doctrine that makes atomic weapons and Howitzer guns the purview of the 2nd Amendment and the right of all humanity to bear them is once again on tap on the Mike Church Show. Listen here, here, here and here for previous attempts at Constitutional sanity including shows featuring Constitution scholar […]

Mandeville, LA – HEADLINE: Porn is not the worst thing on by Anastasia Basil. Story of drama event about 9 years ago with 11 year old children. The adults decided to play “Feel Like Making Love” and NO ONE thought there was anything wrong with it. Headline: Scrapping Economics, The entire system is corrupt and infected. PREMIUM SUBSCRIBER […]

Mandeville, LA – Mike conducts a 4 hour lesson on the looming future to the complete rejection of God; the coronation of the machine kings and the “genocidal maniacs” scchming to do Satan’s work and bring it all about…with an assist from Justin Timberlake! John horvat weighs i on the subject, don’t miss this episode! […]

[php snippet=3] Mandeville, LA – Our eightieth show debuts on June 14, at 8:00 PM Eastern. Rebroadcasts will take place according to the Crusade Channel programming schedule (note:all times listed are Central time). The topic is Return to Order. My guest is Mr. John Horvat II. — website all about the book, with ordering information Articles by John Horvat — […]

Ah, ah ahhh, You didn’t say the magic word and login as a Founder’s Pass Member! There is amazing, CRUSADE Channel content on this page (you are only seeing the preview,) that you can gain instant access to by joining us and becoming a Founder’s Pass member! Click here to see all the benefits of […]

Mandeville, LA – This is the graceful note we received after the Mike Church Show interviewed John Horvat of Return To Order. Mike, Just a short note to thank you for having me on the show. It is really a unique experience to talk with a Catholic first and a radio host second. God bless […]

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