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Ian T. Wilson


Si Qua Virtus Episode 52: Ian T. Wilson

Si Qua Virtus Episode 52: Ian T. Wilson For episode 52 of Si Qua Virtus – Creativity and the New Christendom, host Christopher Laurence is very excited to welcome author and artist Ian T. Wilson. Christopher and Ian discuss writing, art, faith, creativity and it's origins, Atlantis, advanced ancient civilizations, Arthurian Legend and King Arthur as historical person, and much more.   [Opening and closing music for each episode of […]

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The Mike Church Show

Where Are The Virile Roman Men When ‘Muricah Needs Them!?

Mandeville, LA - Mike renews his clarion call for any Real Men of our era to take up arms - the Rosary - and rally with our brothers to the cause of ending legal protections for mortal sins as Real Men MUST. Listen to Mike's Arthurian call in hr 1. Dr Kevin Wacasey of talks non-insured health care costs and Michael Hichborn rounds out today's show that ends with […]

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