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If South Korea Can Host An Olympics They Can Play Stratego With North Koreans

Mandeville, LA - Its Fat Tuesday in New Orleans and the Mike Church Show has the last day before Lent covered (with TWO Catholic air raid warning sirens) with Traditional tips on fasting and mortification. Michael Hichborn of The LePanto Institute joins Mike for his weekly spot as well. [purchase_link id="49372" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member Download" direct="true"] Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines 6:10  Welcome to the Mike Church Show on […]

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The Mike Church Show

The Comunist Flag Wavers At Jesuit-America Magazine – LePanto Minute

Mandeville, LA - Mike's weekly chat with The Founder of The LePanto Institute's Michael Hichborn. This week: LEPANTO EXCLUSIVE! America Magazine - Writer for Jesuit-Run “America” Magazine is Blaspheming Communist. Socialism is a good choice….all this from the writer of America Magazine Dean Dettloff This guy is like a for real red flag waving communist and he is promoting homosexuality and same sex marriage and he also applauded Hillary Clinton […]



They Pray To “Our Lady of Plan B Pills” As Part Of The Heresy of ‘Muricanism-The Mike Church Show

Mandeville, LA - For over a decade Mike has been talking about the bi-partisan Deep State that makes a mockery of our "democracy" and the concept that 'Muricans practice "self-government"-the Nunes memo is just the latest confirmation of this. The LePanto Institute's Michael Hichborn is provocative as segment 3's special guest. [purchase_link id="49310" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member-Download" direct="true"] Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines  6:12  Welcome to the Mike Church Show […]

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The Mike Church Show

Thanks JFK: Why “Catholic” Politicians Are “Pro-Choice”

Mandeville, LA - Yesterday, 14 "Catholic" U.S. Senators voted against the Pain Capable Infant Protection Act helping it to fail in by a 51-46 vote. Mike analyzes the catastrophic failure of 'Murica's prelates to reprimand these apostates and the consequences in tens of millions of lost souls. With special guests Dr Wacasey of Healthcareonomics.com and Michael Hichborn of The LePanto Institute. [purchase_link id="49244" style="button" color="green" text="Non-Member Download" direct="true"] Time  Red […]

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The Mike Church Show

Trains, Planes And Popemobiles & The Scandal of Catechism By Mile-High Club

Mandeville, LA - EPISODE 518 of The Mike Church Show, rundown and story links! Featuring the LePanto Institute's Michael Hichborn. [purchase_link id="49179" style="button" color="green" text="Non-member DOWNLOAD" direct="true"] SEGMENT 1 6:13 Start of the Mike Church Show LIVE 6:16 Happy Birthday to the Church Twins Madison and Reagan 6:22 45th Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade 6:28 HEADLINE: US Coast Guard Adds Cruise Missiles To Ice-Breakers As Battle For The Arctic Begins  No place is safe […]

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“Foreign Aid as the Engine Behind Population Control-USAID, Gates Foundation, and International Catholic Aid Corruption”

12:00PM Pacific/ 3:00PM Eastern/ 8:00PM London Tuesday October 17th Join us for any (or all) of the sessions of the Population Conference LIVE —On the Veritas Radio Network where you can submit questions for the expert presenters such as Michael Hichborn CRUSADE Channel News is a service of the Veritas Radio Network and is supported by listeners and readers just like you! Please consider becoming a Founder’s Pass Member by clicking here; making a […]

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