Coronavirus Is The Latest Illegal Immigrant Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First Trump urges calm even as US reports worrisome new virus case. Second, What The AP Thinks You Should Know.   Third, we go across the interwebs. In the first place CDC warns men about facial hair dangers as coronavirus spreads. Not […]

Mandeville, LA – Its Free Phone Friday and the KingDude begins by praising the Kansas City Royals for their team-wide stand against porn addiction! Mike explains why we should be allies with the Russians; what makes a real man in 2018 and why Home Depot’s latest TV spot is anti-marriage pro metro-sexual man trainwreck. PREMIUM […]

Winchester, VA – In food and ecology news, the Independent reports that salmon farms are experiencing a plague which is threatening salmon farmers around the world: Sea lice. The little parasitic critters find hosts—in this case farmed salmon– and attach themselves to the hosts, feeding on them. The sea lice are rendering the salmon unmarketable and […]

Winchester, VA – There was sad news for parishioners of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church in Corstorphine, Scotland last week. Crux reports that their 33 year old priest, Father Martin Xavier Vazhachira was found dead on a beach on Friday near his parish. Father Vazhachira, a native of India who was studying for his postgraduate […]

Winchester, VA – Milo Yiannopoulis tells the story on his blog of Hamza Siddiq, a Scottish-born Muslim convert from Christianity and street preacher. Mr. Siddiq, after the Manchester terror attacks, posted on Facebook, “I refuse to apologize for it or pretend I don’t know the cause,” and blamed British foreign and domestic policy towards Muslims for […]

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