The Constitution Hour, Featuring Kevin Gutzman

Written by on 11/02/2015

What: A weekly Q & A show featuring Dr. Kevin Gutzman author of “James Madison & The Making of America”

When: Thursdays at NOON CST

Who: Prof. Kevin Gutzman author of 4 books including Who Killed The Constitution answers THE Constitution questions of our day as only he can. Co-hosted by Mike Church

gutzman-banner1Mandeville, LA – Kevin Gutzman continues his long and storied appearance career with Mike Church but in a more focused and regular manner. Kevin has appeared on the Mike Church Show to discuss the Constitution since his PIG on the Constitution came out in 2007. This show will be a chance for listeners to submit their questions in advance of the show to have Kevin answer them as authoritatively as he always does.


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Bio – Kevin R. C. Gutzman is the New York Times best-selling author of four books.  Professor of History at Western Connecticut State University, Gutzman holds a bachelor’s degree, a master of public affairs degree, and a law degree from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as an MA and a PhD in American history from the University of Virginia.  Happy to be a former attorney, Gutzman devotes his intellectual energy to teaching courses in the Revolutionary and constitutional history of the United States, to writing books and articles in these fields, and to public speaking on related topics.

Dr. Gutzman’s first book was the New York Times best-seller The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, an account of American constitutional history from the pre-Revolutionary days to the present. This work is unique in joining the fruits of the latest scholarship, a very readable presentation, and a distinctly Jeffersonian point of view. His second book, Virginia’s American Revolution: From Dominion to Republic, 1776-1840, explores the issue what the Revolutionaries made of the Revolution in Thomas Jefferson’s home state. After that, he co-authored Who Killed the Constitution? The Federal Government vs. American Liberty from World War I to Barack Obama with New York Times best-selling author Thomas E. Woods, Jr. Gutzman’s new book is James Madison and the Making of America, and he is already at work on Thomas Jefferson – Revolutionary (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2015 (forthcoming)).

Gutzman has edited new editions of “John Taylor of Caroline’s Tyranny Unmasked” and “New Views of the Constitution of the United States.” His essay “Lincoln as Jeffersonian: The Colonization Chimera” appeared in editor Brian Dirck’s collection Lincoln Emancipated: The President and the Politics of Race, and his “Ratification (including the Virginia Ratification Convention and the First Federal Elections)” will appear in editor Stuart Leibiger’s A Companion to James Madison and James Monroe (Blackwell 2012 (forthcoming)).

Gutzman has appeared on well over 200 radio programs, as well as twice on C-SPAN 2’s “BookTV,” once on CNN’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” and eight times on Fox News’s “The Glenn Beck Program” (four with Beck and four with Judge Andrew Napolitano). He has also been interviewed by reporters from the AP, The Washington Times, The Philadelphia Enquirer, The Washington Post, The Hartford Business Journal, The Houston Chronicle online, Investor’s Business Daily, Money Magazine, Connecticut Magazine, and The New York Times.

Kevin Gutzman has served as technical advisor to two documentary CDs and one feature film project. In addition, he was a featured expert in the documentary film “John Marshall: Citizen, Statesman, Jurist.”

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