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The ReConquest of Europe

Dwight D. Eisenhower 

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The Fallacy that is Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option

HEADLINE: Woman Calls Cops City on Portland Man’s Parking Job. She’s White. He’s Black. by Alex Zielinski

  • You aren’t funny and you are not filled with justice.
  • This is a major market newspaper and they are reporting THIS!
  • So you now have NEWSPAPERS going after individual citizens!
  • These people are inciting hatred between the races.

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Social Media and the Blackout on

  • is back up and running but it does redirect you.
  • This aggression with not stand man.
  • FANG – look at the consolidation all around you.
  • This is an act of tyranny.
  • This isn’t Alex Jones stuff here…this is actually occurring just look around you. Whatever state or city you are in, it is the same story.


HEADLINE: Totalitarianism In Our Time by Rod Dreher

  • Why do people hate the media? This is part of it. Let’s be mindful that this kind of thing is by no means bog-standard “liberal media bias” stuff. This crosses the line into the totalitarian mentality. The facts do not matter to the Portland Mercury. All that matters is that this Enemy Of The People is identified as an ideological criminal, and that her life be destroyed.





1968 Deans and Professors meeting from all Catholic schools.

  • They met to chart a new course. They were tired of being strictly Catholic.
  • The Church was removed from these colleges. The teaching authority was removed because that is what THEY wanted.

HEADLINE: The Land O’ Lakes Statement Has Caused Devastation For 50 Years by Patrick Reilly

BACK TO Rod Dreher –

  • “Simply to apply ordinary critical thinking to the LGBT phenomenon, in the same way they would critically examine religion or any other topic, risks offending a student, and in turn, in this climate, could cost the professor his or her job.”

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The Smoke of Satan –

Do’s and Don’ts at the end of the book.

He spoke about donations and 2nd collections.

HEADLINE:New Orleans clergy sex abuse crisis: List of accused; see letter from Archbishop Aymond 

The names of Archdiocese of New Orleans clergy who are alive and have been accused of sexually abusing a minor which led to their removal from ministry. In each case, the cleric remains out of ministry. (view the list of names here)


HEADLINE: A Coming Mobocracy? by Stephen M. Krason

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 What is important is local, and community.

What kind of political authority is in community and does it keep with the 1st Commandment.

HEADLINE: The Sad Death of “All Politics is Local” by Telly Davidson

  • GOP gained 54 seats in the House and eight in the Senate, and high profile Democrats at every level suffered stunning defeats—including New York Governor Mario Cuomo and Texas Governor Ann Richards.
  • There were 115,000 school board elections/positions.
  • How many people knew Saul Alinsky had Popes, Bishops etc on his side?
  • Saul Alinsky is the author of Rules for Radicals.
  • An Alinskyite is a manipulator.
  • Conclusion of headline – But the local content has shrunk, because no one is hiring local reporters. And while newspapers have been gobbled up by corporate chains and conglomerates, local TV stations have been consolidated by networks and large station groups, and local emphasis and flavor suffers. Viewers and readers are driven to the Internet on which only the big players have survived the advertising wars, and Facebook and Twitter drive the social media narrative. Again, little room for quality community news or views.
  • Your independent media provider is not part of the media industrial complex.
  • Even if we talk about the President here, it doesn’t matter because “I get that information free from Sean Hannity.”
  • Does Sean care about your soul? Does Sean ever give you an answer to the issues of the country other than listen to him more or tune into Fox News?
  • America, owing to its Founders’ vision, started out with a local and regional first-past-the-post system that makes (what the Founders thought would be) only occasional allowance (war powers, foreign trade and treaties, and eventually judicial review) for strong federal action. Unfortunately, as it stands today, we currently have the worst of both worlds. 
  • CHALLENGE OF THE DAY: Go enter into a conversation today about tomorrows Congressional and Senate elections. If they are going to vote, if they are Trump MAGA voters, see if you can make it through the conversation without hearing Fox News or Drudge Report, or Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

HEADLINE: The Conservative Media Echo Chamber Is Making the Right Intellectually Deaf by Matthew Sheffield

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Caller Cindy from Florida –

  • They don’t talk about the REAL issues.
  • They are all about selling books and making money.
  • They don’t come out and speak ill of the Republicans because they have an “R” behind their name!
  • They don’t dare go against the the party!
  • Federal Government – pays for bike paths?!
  • I think we are saturated with these people that think they can do Podcasts.

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More from the Catholic Identity Conference –







 Special Guest Ryan Grant – author of On the Roman Pontiff, AntiChrist, The Public Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ vol.I & II

  • a Knight in the service of Our Lady’s Army
  • Remember Remember the 5th of November
  • Trads are throwing out the Baby with the Bathwater – they are arguing about the wrong things.
  • It is important to defend the Churches teachings but we have to do all of it. Not pick and choose certain things that ‘we’ like.

A Website Dedicated to the Sacred Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church (Sensus Traditionis) Father Chad Ripperger

  • There was a dark underbelly even when there was NO Novus Ordo Masses. We must remember this. 1917
  • The return of the Latin Mass will not remove it all.
  • Ryan Grant reads the poem Remember Remember the 5th of November
  • Lord Secretary of State –
  • Reading and challenging the sources – read the book with a sympathetic eye.
  • The Enigma of the Gun Powder Plot 1605 by Francis Edwards
  • The English Reformation – Mike discusses when he was editing this book
  • Did they ever actually have a Synod to develop the current language?
  • The Gunpowder Plot – back track to Queen Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth comes to the throne, sends a letter to the Bishop and asks him NOT TO elevate the Host.
  • Boat Load of Money – if you converted to the Church of Rome it was considered High Treason!
  • Jesuit Act of 1584 –
  • If you were Catholic you had to remain 10 miles away from the Queen. So if she was visiting an Earl and you lived within 10 miles, you had to leave your home until she was done with her visit.
  • Catholics are being fined, killed and martyred.  So this was the situation they were dealing with under Elizabeth.
  • Sir Francis Walsingham –
  • Isaac Oliver’s Rainbow Portrait of Queen Elizabeth – it had eyes and ears all over her dress. ‘no rainbow without the sun’
  • What does her dress really mean?

Symbolism in Elizabeth’s Portraits 

  1. “Mon Sine Sole Iris” means No Rainbow Without the Sun. Only the queen’s wisdom can ensure peace and prosperity.
  2. Notice the eyes and the ears? This is something I’ve overlooked and I’m not sure how I could have missed it! Clearly this is symbolizing that she is always watching and listening, or that she has eyes and ears everywhere.
  3. The snake/serpent symbolizes fertility while the heart at the top right hanging from the snake symbolizes love.
  4. In Elizabeth’s hand it looks like she is holding a clear tube – this is indeed a rainbow, however the colors have faded from the portrait. She hold the rainbow in her hand. The rainbow in this portraits symbolizes peace. She’s holding it – does that mean without her there is no peace?
  • The Essex Revolt and/or Plot –
  • Richard II – in the end Henry decides not to formally kill him because that is a sacrilege so he locks him in a tower and decides not to feed him.
  • The Houghton House in England – Richard the tour guide said the exact same thing.





  • Too many people have latched onto it because people like to mock Christians like that.
  • The evidence is much stronger – would Mary be able to cope with a man of “his interest”.
  • Thomas Percy was a Bigamist – he had two wives a wife in the North and one in the South
  • A Filet Knife – drawn and quartered explanation (If you want to know more about this topic, at the end fo the movie Ironclad (2011) there is a man quartered)
  • Have you ever seen a Priest Hole? (it is a midget hole)
  • Priest Hunters would wait days!!!! They wouldn’t get paid unless they captured a Priest so they would wait them out.
  • You could actually rent the room underneath were Parliament was going to meet.
  • The way you made gunpowder in those days – they found if the soaked the powder, it would become more powerful.
  • This process was a little more time consuming and expensive.
  • If all of these barrels of gunpowder decayed, there was never any chance of any bomb going off.
  • The men who know too much!
  • 1605 leading up to the plot – why would the Priest tell anyone?
  • He heard it in confession and could not tell anyone. He was executed for High Treason for this.
  • The government gave them a bomb that wouldn’t work! Hands down.
  • The Popish Plot in 1678 and 1681-  was a fictitious conspiracy concocted by Titus Oates that between 1678 and 1681 gripped the Kingdoms of England and Scotland in anti-Catholic hysteria.
  • I see and I smile/mock – wooden pamphlets
  • Fireworks represent the celebration of the gunpowder that would never have happened anyway.
  • Burning a Pope in effigy today in Europe today because of the Gunpowder Plot.
  • What are the results of the propaganda? Just look at the results.

HEADLINE: What should a Catholic make of Guy Fawkes Night? by Patrick O’Donovan

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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