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Written by on 01/05/2018

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Mandeville, LA – Since 2008, I have been telling readers of this site and my radio show listeners that while climate change IS occurring it is a naturally occurring event and not the doomsday calamity the tree-hugging commies claim. Since 2010 I’ve been informing you of the coming “little ice-age” that will result from our sun going into a quiet cycle like it does every 200 years or so. This was as popular a position as the ice salesman finds himself in while in Anchorage. Well, what I was telling you was based upon the science of solar cycles,  the rickety orbits of the gas giant planets (they are elliptical) and the historical climate record. Now we are beginning to see the full effects of the sun going more quiet with each passing year and each passing cycle of 12-15 years and the evidence for this to be a trend and not a Roland Emmerich movie catastrophe is real and growing as fast as the record low temps being set all across ‘Muricah. Read this brief summary of 7 recently completed studies on solar cycles and cooling periods and you’ll see what the real threat to humanity is: the coming “little ice-age”!

I just read then re-read President Trump’s statement in response to claims made by Steve Bannon in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury book about the Trump White House’s early days. Whether Bannon told Wolff the truth or not we may never know but we do know this: Bannon will have no future influencing Trump’s presidential decisions save for which newspaper to kindle fires with. What’s truly remarkable about this saga is that Bannon has made a real-world, living example of what Matthew Sheffield accurately called The Conservative Echo Chamber.  Sheffield:

“It is poetic justice that many of the same people who pushed these naive positions and strategies saw their own imbecilic noise machine turned against their preferred presidential candidate, Ted Cruz, in this [2016’s] Republican primaries. The seeming success of Fox News and talk radio has made many conservatives think they now have a massive media empire. In truth, they have constructed an intellectual ghetto that no one else wants to visit.” [emphasis mine – MC]

The TRM bromides of bumper sticker solutions animated by the theoretical magic that “liberty” supposedly guarantees are all the TRM have left because that’s all they ever had. READ MY ENTIRE ESSAY ON THIS ISSUE HERE.

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