The Lavender Buck Stops Here: Church & Voris Demand Bishop Accountability-The Mike Church Show

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Mandeville, LA – Mike Church welcomes the Church Militant’s Michael Voris for a candid discussion, demanding Catholic Bishop accountability and censure in the post-McCarrick era. Joseph Pearce’s latest helps Mike explain why the Russians are progressing in Christian piety while ‘Muricans and the rest of “the west” flounder about with Baphomet et al.

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Catholic Church Sex Scandal –

  • When you hear the term “tip of the iceberg” there is much, much more to come.
  • “Tip of the iceberg” is so overused that you usually don’t pay attention.
  • THIS story however, is really the “tip of the iceberg”.




HEADLINE: Uncle Ted’s ‘Special Boy’ by Rod Dreher

“They believe that they are more important than the religion itself,” James says. “They believe that man is better than God. That’s not possible. McCarrick believed that he was my direct contact with God. He told me that hundreds and hundreds of times: God will only listen to you when you are with me.”

  • These Priests are dealing with demons I believe. They are the single source or reason for Catholics fleeing the Church.
  • Story of Our Lord casting out demons –
  • What is the process for handling sex abuse allegations?
  • Closing half the parishes in Virginia.
  • Pope Benedict the 16th

Founders Tradin’ Post: Noble Beauty

  • God is in charge and He knows what he is doing.
  • Supernatural manipulation –
  • “Part of it is loyalty, he contends, and part is because many of them know too much about each other’s sexual secrets, and are bound by a self-protective vow of silence.”
  • So their “vow” to each other is more important than the “vow” they made to God.

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Caller Dan from Canada –

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Special Guest Michael Voris founder of Church Militant

  • Cardinal McCarrick – taking seminarians to a beach house that the diocese paid for.
  • His story is NOT isolated
  • Everyone needs to stop giving money!!!
  • Only give to your LOCAL parish or Church.
  • TAKE A STAND! Tell your Bishops they need to solve this problem.
  • The Vortex LIVE today topic –
  • There are 1,000’s of victims #CatholicMeToo
  • You are not untouchable! It is time these Bishops and Priests pay the price of the horrible sins they have committed.
  • James and Rod Dreher interview – why the Priests know and won’t do anything about it.
  • “Vow of Silence” – these men cannot stay they have to be tossed out of the Church
  • No one who believes in God and know they will face Him acts like this!
  • This mindset is completely different. We sin and go to confession etc. they don’t think there is anything wrong with this lifestyle.
  • No More Money, Not A Single Penny
  • Synod on the Family in Rome – they have become so brazen and their ranks have swollen they don’t feel they need to apologize.
  • Luke 22:3 Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve.
  • Catholics have always and continue to be more than happy to donate to devout religious Priests.
  • McCarrick stating to James – you can only talk to God when you are with me.
  • This is NOT isolated, McCarrick just got busted.
  • Everything out there is screaming EVERYONE knew this was happening!
  • Example 24 year old seminarian – what recourse do you have if this happens to you?
  • There is no place for you to go b/c the people that are supposed to protect you are in on it or they are in on the cover up.
  • Always have one too few beds when he would invite seminarians to the “beach house”.
  • It is time for the laity to take back the Church.
  • Those Priests need to be defrocked and excommunicated and make a public confession of their sins.

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  • The Church has always been in battle but She will never lose.
  • The Laity getting into the battle – call to arms by Michael Voris
  • “You don’t leave Jesus because of Judas”
  • Are you going to be in that number?



Netflix – $8 billion this year in programming and on what?

Pure Flix – is an American independent Christian film and television studio, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company produces, distributes, acquires and markets Christian and family-friendly films.


How did the infiltration happen?

  • Yesterdays example of the field mouse.
  • You kill things from within….
  • Who is it’s principle opponent? Ireland
  • Why didn’t the Catholic Church mobilize a response to kill the abortion vote?
  • The laity was already corrupted.
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Call to arms from Michael Voris and the Church Militant –

  • Stop giving money to the Bishops immediately.
  • If you have a story, send the story in to [email protected]
  • Use the hashtag #CatholicMeToo

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary


Special Guest David Simpson host of The True Money Show –

  • Call to arms by Michael Voris
  • We have to get this information out to devout Catholics.
  • It can’t just be all happy all the time.
  • Mike and Michael are now in the fight and we now have targets on our back.


Targets –

  • Mother Mary will protect us. I am not worried about that.
  • I’m worried about demons getting to some of you.
  • If you are worried about doing this out in the public, don’t do it.
  • We don’t want to see anyones family attacked.
  • We will have the video and audio up of the Voris interview right after the show.

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HEADLINE: Russia: Is It Time To Give Peace a Chance? by Joseph Pearce

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