The Mike Church Show 042816 – Segments 1-2

Written by on 04/28/2016

Mandeville, LA – The latest fit of desperation for the ineligible demagogue Edward Rafael Cruz is to choose a “running mate” when he hasn’t even secured the nomination or the appeal to win the votes needed to get the nomination: choosing also-ran Carly Fiorina. Cruz’s campaign is now officially the McCain campaign of 2008: “I’m going to become this party’s nominee, Jimminy Christmas whether you like it or not, that’s my slogan Cruz 2016, ‘whether you like it or not!'”Mike lampoons the faux attempt by Representative Shuster to “privatize the FAA, If you wanted to fix this problem the airlines should solve it with the feds sunsetting the FAA in 4-5 years. The planes and the business they generate are the responsibility of the airline monopolies.

Segment 2 – Same subject continued with phone calls!


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