The Mike Church Show 042816 – Segments 3-4

Written by on 04/28/2016

Mandeville, LA – Veritas Radio Network CRUSADE Channel regular, DC McAllister stopes by the DudeMaker Hotline to enhance our discussion of her latest at The Federalist: Lesbian Couple Happy To Buy A Baby But Not To Get A Black One. “This is child neglect” says DC “This intentional deprivation of a child’s most basic relationship amounts to nothing short of child neglect, as a mother denies a child one of the most basic relationships needed to develop into a healthy adult.” Mike the leads a discussion on the moral perils of DC’s home-state of North Carolina being told to embrace

Segment 4 – Anyone who remains wedded to the idea that there is some redeeming value added to human morality when a R is added after one’s name should take a deep breath and read the sad, saga of former Speaker of The House, Republican Dennis Hastert. Hastert has now been convicted of sex crimes committed with teenage boys while he was their wrestling coach. That Hastert had access to these boys in an era when the children were not told they SHOULD be having homosexual relations and then scheming to change their gender if they like it, should mortify parents sending their children to public schools and put them on guard when sending them to private schools.

MORE FROM SEGMENT 4 – Then the show concludes with his stream of consciousness monologue: Tradition Catholics in media should lose their Pride and Vanity and stop acting like the usury consumed corporate media apostates who act as though they OWN their viewers/listeners/readers’ reading viewing and listening time. “Being in the world not of the world requires us to assist one another in spreading the Magisterium beyond cloistered, Latin Mass societies into the audience of heretics, pagans and apostates where we are really needed.” Recounting the prideful doors slammed in his face by Catholic and pseudo-Catholic media since launching the Veritas Radio Network, Church avers: “Go ahead and mock and bitch and whine and complain about Pope Francis and Novus Ordo brothers and sisters but what have YOU done to reach those in need of conversion of catechism? Told them you know it all and they don’t so they’re idiots then went back to choir preaching? I’m sure that’s what Our Lord meant when he sent the Apostles forth to “teach all nations (that agree with you).” If you appreciate the Truth and an honest look behind the curtain of Catholic media, listen to this clip and share with friends and family.

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