The Mike Church Show 062716 1-2: Establishment Elites In The EU And AU Are In A Panic

Written by on 06/27/2016

Mandeville, LA – The political, criminal class in Great Britain and the EU is in a panic after the Brexit vote; they are scared for the first time in their adult lives! Mike expounds on the topic. If the Brits can do it, why can’t we (in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, etc.)? The idea that the sky is falling because of the Brexit vote is entirely false. Think about it: even in 117AD there was commerce! It is scale that matters– what area of life does government NOT touch? Brexit is a clash against globalism; in the 1980’s, did you get a vote in whether or not we were going to be a citizen of the global economy? Caller Eric brings up Brexit’s voter turnout. Caller Matt voices his support for the “Texit” movement after the SCOTUS abortion decision this morning.


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