The Mike Church Show 070616 3-4: Independence Requires Dependence On The Order Of Christendom

Written by on 07/06/2016

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson joins the show for Wisdom Wednesday. Among the topics of discussion are war movie titles, Forrest McDonald’s piece discussed in the first hour of the show today, and Iowa churches being given regulations regarding the requirement for transgender bathrooms. The message of the first hour is reiterated: individual independence only comes with dependence on the order of Christendom! Government can’t help the people who require it; they require assistance from a confessional or a psychologist!

Special guest J.D. Vance, author of a recent piece in the New York Times (The Bad Faith of the White Working Class), joins Mike and David to discuss his piece and his new book, Hillbilly Elegy.

Mike introduces the newly-formed Louisiana Independence Party, and there is a discussion on independence and secession. Caller Mitch offers an opinion on church leaders. Wisdom Wednesday discussion continues.


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