The Mike Church Show 071116 Seg 3-4: All Souls Matter

Written by on 07/11/2016

Mandeville, LA – Professor Mark Armitage in California found soft tissue found on a dinosaur bone. He is now suing the university that fired him after this discovery. If the theory of evolution is correct, the dinosaur should have died 165 million years ago; the dinosaur’s soft tissue would be long gone if that were true. In more use you can use, a federal court has ruled that sharing your Netflix password is illegal. Caller Aaron in Illinois weighs in on sharing Netflix passwords and his Founder’s Pass password.

Mike juxtaposes Snoop Dogg’s peaceful comments to Donald Trump’s alleged VP nominee pick, Michael Flynn. Reading from Daniel Larison, Flynn’s views are furthur fleshed out.

Mike breaks in with a press conference with the Dallas Chief of Police. What is the common denominator with all of these shootings? Pious men are not present in these times; arrogant, prideful liberty runs rampant. The One Authority was present in Christendom. There are generations today that do not have their gaze fixed upon eternity.

Caller Eric in Baton Rouge offers encouragement for the VRN and a word on marshal law. Fr. Jeffrey Jambon joins the show in studio. Once we lose our gaze on eternity, reason will prevail– but only for a short while. Eventually we will lose even our minds.


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