The Mike Church Show 071816 Seg 1-2: Mayhem And Murder In The Streets Will Continue And The RNC Is Not Going To Save You

Written by on 07/18/2016


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Mandeville, LA – Our planet is in denial of the evil that is about to take over.

Yet another police shooting has occurred (this time, in Baton Rouge, LA), and the realization has started to dawn on people of all races: this has got to stop! Can we just leave race out of it? What does race have to do with any of this, anyway? We need to make our lives right with God; Hell is a horrible place! These events are happening in the United States, not Venezuela, Bangladesh, or Chile: mayhem and murder, in the streets, on a Sunday. Offering details about Gavin Eugene Long (the Baton Rouge shooter) as an example, Mike explains how easy it is to descend into stereotypes and division. When we don’t keep our gaze on eternity and then fail to view others as fellow souls, radical individualism appears.

Continuing on the topic, Mike reads a powerful letter written by a widow to Rod Dreher. The letter writer asserts that the real issues today are the need for men to be strong leaders the breakdown of family values, the lack of emotional and mental support from parents. Part of the solution is for us to return to human dignity. Fathers, it starts with you! Callers Eric and Sean offer their evaluations of our current situation. Greg Carpenter, host of Reverse Deception, details his upcoming show.

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