The Mike Church Show 072616 Seg 3-4: It Isn’t Enough To Kill, Kill, Kill. We Must Stand Together, United Under Christ

Written by on 07/26/2016

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Mandeville, LA – Look at all the attacks that are happening in Europe as of late. News has broken of an attack on a priest in a Catholic church. Father Jacques Hamel was giving mass in Rouen, France when ISIS assailants took hostages and slit the priest’s throat. The parish was on a list of Catholic churches on a terrorist hit list. Does no on read a history book these days? This has happened before and it will continue happening until all Moslems are converted or removed from the face of the planet by divine intervention. Why are Catholic churches being besieged? Because the real presence of the body and blood of our Lord is contained in the tabernacle!

Mike transitions to a piece written by Andrew Bacevich at The American Conservative magazine: “Kill All The Terrorists?”

An excerpt: “By implication, our work has just begun, with the counter-jihad now underway destined to last for years, if not decades. In the meantime, the agents of Western civilization, armed to the teeth with high-tech weaponry and justified by self-serving arguments, will presumably have to kill millions more. 

When the day of victory finally arrives, we may wonder what will then remain of the values we are ostensibly defending. 

The West today finds itself caught in a paradox of its own making: Violence employed by prior generations claiming to represent civilization has elicited a violent response; the violence we employ today to defend that civilization actually feeds the very forces that imperil it.”

The only way out of this is to retreat back to Christendom. Even then, that may not be enough. We must stand together, united under Christ.

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