The Mike Church Show 081016 Seg 1-2: Get Donny! The Maimestream Media’s Last gasp Is To Stop Trump With Fake Controversies

Written by on 08/10/2016



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Mandeville, LA – Did Donald Trump actually say that 2nd Amendment people should assassinate Hillary? No, and while listening to that sound clip Mike expands upon his “Get Donny” thesis the mainstream media is waging “they are fighting for their ill-gotten livelihoods, these media-hacks who have never produced anything productive in their entire lives.” Mike continues fleshing out: a “mainstream” is a good thing and if we don’t like the current, devil-worshipping, baby killing, Kardashian-promoting one we are stewed in, we’ll have to create our own and that’s where secession comes in. You won’t hear this solution on your Father’s Talk Radio Mafia Channel on SiriusXM!

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