The Mike Church Show 092116 Seg 3-4: Wisdom Wednesday with David Simpson

Written by on 09/21/2016




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Mandeville, LA – Most readers/listeners will know Red State’s Erick Erickson and his radio show, website and gig on Fox News. What you may not know is that Erickson has apparently found the CRUSADE Channel and has ported Red State Radio to a Televangelist version of our “Restoring the correct order by promoting and defending Transcendent Truth, always and in all ways”. Erickson comes to the conclusion that because Trumpzilla is an egomaniac and has not confessed his sins, he must vote against him to save “America’s …virtue”. Wow, really, where might we find that virtue and can we start with admitting that the foundational virtue, Humility, we have none of, as Erickson, proudly reminds us.

That I see so many Christians justifying Donald Trump’s immorality, defining deviancy down, and turning to anger and despondency about the future tells me I cannot in good faith support Donald Trump because his victory would have lasting, damaging consequences for Christianity in America. We harm our witness and the testimony of the strength of our Lord by embracing the immoral, unrepentant strong man. We harm our American virtue by buying into the idea that one man can make America great again. Further, we risk losing Donald Trump’s soul for the sake of our selfishness.”

Read the whole thing and tune in to David Simpson and my discussion of it. To be clear, I claim no stranglehold or monopoly on Truth or on possession of Humility and applaude Erickson’s turn. But this is “conservatism” wrapped in a Corinthians wrapper that doesn’t acknowledge the evil “America” defends and promotes.

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