The Mike Church Show Episode 289-Iben Thranholm Interview: The EUSSR Is Filled With Nihilists

Written by on 01/25/2017

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Mandeville, LA – In Segment 3 of today’s Mike Church Show, the sagacious and candid, Danish essayist Iben Thranholm joins Mike for 50 minutes of talk-radio you will not soon forget. Thranholm reveals the apostasy drenched state of affairs in former Christendom that Thranholm describes as “far more barbaric than when the Apostles converted the Vikings… at least the Vikings believed in gods, Odin etc, today’s EUSSSR secularist believes in nothing…they’re nihilists.” For the Truth to prevail it must be defended and to be defended it must be known; both host and guest agree that it is past the hour for the Church Militant to force both of those missions

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