The Mike Church Show Episode 293: Radio Killed The Talk Radio Star

Written by on 01/31/2017

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Mandeville, LA – Corporatists Smackdown: Making Small Business Great Again – Yesterday I watched President Trump meet with small business leaders at the White House. They had a discussion about the biggest issue that plagues successful small business: The Federales in cahoots with Big Bidness, have saturated the federal register with hundreds of thousands of laws aimed specifically at giving the corporatists a distinct advantage over the entrepreneur. I listened to President trum, accurately explain the WHY of multiplying regulations, thinking, this guy actually gets it! Watch the video yourself (fast forward to the 09:16 mark). Brian Knight has some observations on the regulatory cuts here and I note that Knight is well-versed in the dark art of regulation while holding tenure at a private university; an example of the sickness that has infected almost all governmental affairs: name a “policy” and I can show you someone who makes their “living” by monitoring and reporting/studying it. THIS is what drives the Deep State’s perverse profiteering FROM the spoils of government the rest of us toil under.

The Sheople’s Remorse? Polls Show ‘Muricans Are Shocked Trump Does What He Promised – Almost as if on cue from the Angry, Ugly Women For D & C’s on D.C., Gallup pollsters report that the ‘Murican sheople have judged President Trump more unpopular, faster than any President…EVER. The fact that Gallup has dashed out to report such a thing is indicative of the hoi polloi’s ravenous appetite for an increasing stream of gibberish to consume. Recall last week’s essay item from Allan Jacobs “The Fierce Tyranny of Now” and Jacobs’ observation that ‘Muricans have been neutered of any attachment to real contemplation and instead, hypnotically bounce from outrage to outrage. Now comes “Will Hadrian-The Last Roman” with a keen observation on the future fascism of anti-Trump rioters. “There is no intellectual depth to their passion, it’s rootless, and that’s what’s scary. It would take a car bomb in Philadelphia, for the pendulum to swing rapidly to the other side turning these rainbow flag waving ‘safe space’ millennials, into swastika praising Fascists. Passion without intellect is a fire that will burn down our entire civilisation.” That burn is coming in the form of importing vast amounts of Muslims into “Christian” populations. Like the Vendee and Cristeros, folks, even if our communities are rebuilt and strong, the Blues i.e. SJW’s will come in search of us. Vivo Cristo Rey!

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