The Mike Church Show Episode 346: The Debbie Schlussel Interview: HannityGate

Written by on 04/25/2017

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Mandeville, LA – EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL – Debbie Schlussel, who has been my movie-reviewer since 2007 is embroiled in a controversy over comments she made about Fox News star Sean Hannity, on 1170 am in Detroit. The comments have been turned into “sexual harassment” charges which is not what the transcript reveals. I will ask Debbie about this and much more in my EXCLUSIVE interview this morning at 07:05 a.m. Central available on our FREE app and and FREE on-site feed. Video available on YouTube and on Facebook LIVE!

The 100 Year Anniversary of The Armenian Genocide And The Groupthink Media That Helped It – Stella Morabito, the great grandchild of Armenian survivors reminds us that what proceeds a genocide is groupthink. The kind of groupthink that say, can be lulled into thinking that discriminate, drone-strike killing of third world Muslims is ok so long as there is an element of “terror” present. To put that in context, is drone-strike killing ok in Detroit or Los Angeles if there is an element of “murder” in a neighborhood? Of course not because we value a “system of law and order” and the strike violates it, but why doesn’t it violate it for the Afghanis? Simply put: Groupthink. Here is Morabito: “Information warfare through a centrally controlled media is key to turning neighbor against neighbor. It plays a huge role in caricaturing perceived enemies and growing an us-versus-them mindset. In short, propaganda that psychologically manipulates a population is key to laying the groundwork for extreme social polarization, and ultimately for genocide.” Think about that next time you learn of “errant drone strikes” in the mid-east, the same drone will work here.

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