The Mike Church Show Episode 353: Denver Archdiocese Chooses To Go Carmelite Instead of LGBTQ!

Written by on 05/04/2017

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Mandeville, LA – I often use the term in this space “will you go LGBTQ or will you go Carmelite” meaning will you stand for the unbending moral teaching of the Church when it comes to morals and sexuality or will you become an apostate and accept Beazelbub’s evolving view and join the apostate crowd for the sake of popularity and financial success? Well lo and behold, first the Archdiocese of Kansas City KS kicks the pro-Planned Parenthood Girl Scout out and now the Archdiocese of Denver has taken a principled stand against gender-confused boys and girls entering or demanding to be let in the Boy Scouts as per their National boards. Archbishop Aquila issued a statement which contains this: “While I fear that the Boy Scouts may make another decision that will necessitate disaffiliation, I am not going to move in that direction at this time. Instead, I am calling for all scouting groups sponsored by our parishes, including the Girl Scouts, to reinforce their commitment to forming boys and girls into virtuous Christian young adults.” Please read the whole thing and pray for this Archdiocese in doing what it must do to protect the children in her care from the LGBTQ horde.

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